32 – January

Newsletter number 32, January 2020, is now available.

Our newsletter is published every month and contains news about forthcoming events and holidays, details of meetings, interesting happenings at the Mechanics, photos of members latest activities, reports of the latest fundraising achievements etc. etc.

You can download The Nottingham Mechanics Newsletter here.

Don’t forget, you can see the latest events at The Mechanics in The Calendar.

3 thoughts on “32 – January

  1. Lovely to see our newsletter online and very handy to see what’s happening at the start of 2020.

    I should imagine some people will not be calling into the club for a few days after the holidays so it gives everyone a chance to go online to view Jan’ newsletter ,that’s of course if they use the internet.

    John Fletcher

  2. Hello, We have been told about your establishment and Have been advised to enquire when is it best to call in and have a chat and possibly become Members and partake in some of your activities , I am my Mothers full time carer as she has Vascular Dementia, we Live in St Ann’s And we are interested in finding Different places to join..

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