Current membership is £42 per year, which is terrific value.

For this annual subscription, members can take part in all our activities (eg. film shows, bingo, talks, cards, table tennis, choir, keep fit etc. ) as well as enjoy day trips and holidays by coach at reasonable prices.

If you would like to know more, please contact us. Or why not come to one of our open ‘Meet and Greet’ mornings:

1st Saturday of every month, 11:00am

Application for Membership

Please complete this form and then we will give you the payment options.

Alternatively, come into The Nottingham Mechanics reception.


If retired please state former occupation as well

Emergency Contact


(The New Mechanics Ltd. A registered charity)

Please read the rules and the notes for guidance of members which will be handed to you with an acknowledgement of this application and a receipt for your subscription.